Custom In-Person Training


LENGTH: 3 Days


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What is Custom In-Person Training?

With the CREA faculty in your own kitchen, you can create a highly personalized three-day learning experience for up to 14 chefs. Training in a revolutionary culinary technique from the people who started the revolution. In addition to conducting training on the sous-vide method, our team provides consulting services to every aspect of the food industry: restaurants, retailers, food service, and food-processing establishments. From choosing the right equipment, to menu building, food cost, labor and yield analysis, our depth of experience and worldwide range of resources make CREA a key player in the sous-vide world and beyond. PLEASE NOTE: Only still photos are allowed during the class. No video or audio devices are allowed during the class. This means no iPads or other tablet devices, Smartphones, cell phones. voice recorders or cameras of any kind.

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